The city of Hendaye

Hendaye is located near the Spanish borders. Its few kilometers of fine sand make all its success. Many families, tourists and sportsmen come to its beaches to enjoy moments of pure happiness that can offer the city of Hendaye. The city is a very rare beauty, there are plenty of captivating infrastructures, but also houses that respect Basque architecture.

An unmissable city

The city of Hendaye is a place not to be missed for all those visiting the Basque Country. This city is full of wonderful places to visit that most people go for most of the time for a camping holiday. A period during which exploration is placed at the top of the list of activities. As infrastructure to accommodate tourists such as camping sites, holiday rentals and hotels are plentiful, Hendaye is a destination where you can leave quiet and improvise according to the budget. The city of Hendaye is also famous for its many cultural events which make it a meeting point for people coming from all parts of France.

Places to visit

What would a visit to the city of Hendaye be without a visit to the Castle of Abbadia? This castle of the 19th century is a property of the Academy of Sciences which received it as a legacy of Antoine d’Abbadia, a scientist who built the castle in the image of his passions as art, Culture and astronomy.
Another point of interest is the Pheasant Island, an island of mixed administration, situated in the middle of the Bidassoa River. As the island is situated on the border of France and Spain, the administration of the latter changes every six months. The Pheasant Island is a place rich in history. Although the number of people visiting the island has decreased over time, tourists still watch it from the bay.

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