The town of Cambo les Bains

The town of Cambo les Bains has the advantage of being built on the banks of the River Nive. A part of the city overlooks the river, it is from this place that the view is better and panoramic. Thanks to the beauty of the landscape of the valley, the numerous commercial and important infrastructures occupy this part of the city. During the high season of tourism, it is also from there that begin the ballades in carriages for the tourists.

A city marked by the presence of water

The town of Cambo les bains is marked by the presence of numerous spas. Moreover, it is since the middle ages that the waters of the city of Cambo the baths attract the travelers. The waters of Cambo had beneficial virtues for people in search of health and well-being. The city center, known as “haut-cambo”, is the district that most reflects the character of the water town of Cambo les Bains.

Attractive gardens

Although Cambo les Bains was originally known for its waters, tourists and vacationers who come there can only notice its ecological side. The climatic conditions of the city allow the proliferation of a luxuriant flora. Thus, the town of Cambo les Bains has several gardens where it is good to stroll.

For example, the garden of the thermal baths is known for its hundreds of palm trees, while the public garden of the park Saint-Joseph highlights centenarian cedars. Of course, tourists and holidaymakers who visit the city of Cambo les Bains prefer by far the garden of Villa Arnaga, a mixture of architecture, colors and well-being, real heritage of real estate in Cambo Les Bains . There are few people who have passed in the town of Cambo les Bains and who have not kept very good memories by visiting the Villa Arnaga which is one of the pride of the region.

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