Tourism in Ascarat

The village of Ascarat

The village of Ascarat, called Azkarate in the Basque language, is in the southwest of France, in the department of the Pyrénées Atlantiques. This very modern tourist village has so much to make you discover. Start with its cultural places that will teach you a fascinating past, an art of living, a rich culture. Visit the historical museums and monuments, then rest in one of the beautiful parks and gardens of Ascarat. During the day or in the evening, you can attend various cultural events if not meet artisans, producers, artists or other at fairs, fairs or flea markets.

Tourist activities in Ascarat

During your stay in Ascarat, you can practice many activities. If you like walks and adventure, choose among the many tourist circuits that are proposed to you; You will be able to visit places unavoidable and benefit from many discoveries. There are also special itineraries or themed outings for children; Do not hesitate to register yours! Other activities are also offered in Ascarat. The sport fishing in river, excellent for new sensations and moments of emotions, rafting or hydrospeed, if not the first experiences in flight paramotor … Just imagine, you can feel the happiness that you can offer during your We’ll send you updates with the latest deals, reviews and articles for Ascarat each week.

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