Visit Mauléon

The town of Mauléon

If you are looking for a place to spend a few days in the Basque Country, choose the town of Mauléon, a tourist destination that will satisfy all your desires. Come with family or with the people you love to share and discover exceptional moments. Discoveries, leisure, emotions, relaxation are the watchwords!

What to visit in Mauléon?

In Mauléon, you can visit many tourist places from the campsite Uhaitza. It is true that most of the city has been renovated due to conflicts that have taken place in the past, but monuments and historical remains have been maintained; The remains of ramparts, the gates of the castle, the church of the trinity remain witnesses of the eventful past of the city. Note that Mauléon was once the capital of the military Vendée. Discover the medieval quarter of Saint-Jouin as well as the museum of Brham which reveals the history of Mauléon which was formerly called Châtillon-sur-Sèvre.

Festivals and cultural events

Several cultural and tourist events are to be discovered in Mauléon. Be sure to attend the Feu de la Saint-Jean. If you visit the city in July, you can attend the annual “Les Ruades” event. In October, you can have fun during the famous “Eclats de Voix” festival.

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